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Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System – #SGTX1

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System - #SGTX1

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System - #SGTX1 Rating:
List Price: $349.99
Sale Price: $286.55
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Product Description

Featured on SharkTank, Ellen and The View: Singtrix is the world’s only plug-and-play karaoke system that uses studio quality vocal effects designed to make "bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing!" Sing in-tune to your favorite hits with confidence. Just plug into the headphone output of your mobile device or computer and start singing. Singtrix will tune your voice to the music track and add studio quality effects such as 4-part harmony or choir, reverb, delay and so much more.

Singtrix Highlights: The simple plug and play system is powered by patented state-of-the-art professional live vocal effects technology… No need to pay for music content since it was designed to work with the thousands of FREE YouTube Karaoke videos available on line… Works with your existing mp3 music, apps and more… Voice-cancellation option creates karaoke tracks on-the-fly from standard songs… The entire Singtrix system including Studio Effects Console, Mic and 2.1 Speaker are specifically tuned and designed to provide studio quality sound making singing experience exciting, fun and transformative… For all skill levels from beginner to pro… Works with instruments in place of karaoke tracks, tuning your voice to chords played on your guitar or keyboard… The natural tuning effects act like training wheels for your voice and can help improve your singing… Ultra-responsive and dynamic, facilitating proper singing technique… Reduces vocal fatigue and strain, making singing effortless for longer practice sessions.

Nothing Compares: Other karaoke systems are glorified speakers with mics… Typical low-end systems are cheap, have poor sound quality, low volume, not loud enough for large parties, break easily, requires expensive karaoke discs for music, low quality mic and speaker, do not offer vocal enhancement… Typical high-end systems with louder speakers are expensive, do not offer vocal enhancement, have complicated interfaces, and require expensive karaoke music content.


  • Only karaoke system endorsed by celebrities & featured on hit shows: SharkTank, Ellen, The View, Today Show
  • Greatest innovation to the singing experience since karaoke was invented. Only patented plug & play karaoke machine powered by live vocal effects technology once only available to the pros.
  • Helps make bad singers sound good, good singers sound amazing! Designed to feel like a concert performance & sound like a recording studio.
  • Over 300 effects. Covers every genre and generation of music. Offers 3 levels of enhancement from beginner to pro.
  • Includes natural pitch-correction, HardTune® (similar to Auto-Tune®), 4-part harmonies and choir effects, fun voice-morphing, gender-bending and more.
  • Custom Microphone with built-In "HIT" control activates harmonies and other effects at the touch of a button. Designed to make a chorus or bridge sound "larger-than-life".
  • Works with the thousands of FREE YouTube karaoke & lyric videos, mp3 music, and apps from your smart phone, tablet or computer.  Use an instrument in place of karaoke tracks. Sing in tune to chords played on a guitar or keyboard.
  • IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFO: Singtrix Sold by Amazon is the only authorized reseller on this site. Purchases from other resellers are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. UNAUTHORIZED resellers: BullsFanatic, thehappystore, ROSE deals, XSforU, SupremeElectronics, TechNGnet, Cheapees, Jet, Fingerhut, copythat, dealscube, musicarts, djamup

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