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VOCOPRO SmartTVoke Karaoke System – Home

VOCOPRO SmartTVoke Karaoke System - Home

VOCOPRO SmartTVoke Karaoke System - Home Rating:
List Price: $130.60
Sale Price: $129.47
Availability: Usually ships in 2 to 5 weeks

Product Description

you own a smart TV, it likely has karaoke capability. It could be a dedicated karaoke app like Karaoke Channel™, or Red Karaoke™, or even choose from thousands of karaoke tracks on YouTube. You're just one step way from hosting a great karaoke party and that's VocoPro's new SmartTVOke! It's the quick solution to incorporate karaoke into your speaker set up at home. Simply connect the SmartTVOke in between your TV and stereo system and you're ready to rock on for hours of karaoke fun with friends and family.


  • New Generation Digital Karaoke Mixer for the Ultimate Sound and Karaoke Entertainment Compatible with Any Source with a Digital Optical Output (PCM Only) and Sound Systems with a 1/8" stereo or RCA Input
  • Or Use Any Analog Music Source with the 1/8" Input Two Microphones Operate In the License-free 2.4Ghz Band for Reliable Transmission
  • Mixed Output Jack Sends Music And Microphone Signals to Any Sound System with a 1/8" or RCA Input Volume and Effect Controls Built into Each Handheld Microphone
  • Includes Digital Optical Cable to Connect to SmartTVs Dedicated 1/4 Microphone Output Jack for Use as Stand Alone Microphone System *Not included.

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